Monday, December 2, 2013

Pop Top Closet Minimizer

Closet getting crowded? Clothes all bunched up and can't find anything? Me too! I saw this life hack a while back and wondered if it was worth a try, so I stole the pop top off of my son's Dr. Pepper and tried it out. (My son has only had about three Dr. Peppers in his life, so it was a big day.)

The Lovely Pop Top
For those of you wondering, "Hey, what's a pop top?"

My Husband's Crowded Work Shirts
They looked nicer than the other side of his closet, which is crowded t-shirts.

Pop Top as an Organizer for a Second Hanger
I wondered if regular hangers would even work because the life hack websites I checked showed the pop top being used with hangers that had swivel hooks. However, the regular wire hanger went through the pop top without any trouble and the hanger laid flat instead of being at an odd angle.

Pop Top Organizer Used on the First Hanger
I would say that the pop top worked nicely and definitely conserved space. The two shirts only take up about 1.5 spaces instead of 2. However, take a look at the picture below.

Too Low for Comfort
Because the shirt hanging on the pop top is dropped down the full length of the hanger hook, the tail of the shirt is now below the bottom rung in the closet. If you have two bars in your closet, the hangers on the lower bar could get caught on and potentially tear up the shirts tails of the clothes hanging on the pop tops. For this reason, we will not be using the pop top life hack on this side of the closet. If you only have one bar in your closet, though, and you need to conserve space, this is a cheap, easy way to make more room.


  1. If i ever need more space in my closet i will try that.I don't think i will need this because i have a big closet that looks empty.

  2. Cody - the older you get, the more clothes you'll gather. So - be sure and keep this in mind!

  3. I think I'll try that because I have a really small closet and I need more room in there.